Sneak Peek Solid Edge ST10

Sneak Peek Solid Edge ST10

Anteprima su alcune novità che saranno introdotte nella release ST10

Sheet Metal get the Synchronous Technology treatment in ST10

Solid Edge’s Synchronous Technology (ST) has been the answer for designers who value the ability to edit models directly without having to untangle hierarchical and dependent feature trees. Since its release, ST has been a resounding success, and now it’s evolving to include sheet metal design as well.
In ST10, users will have the ability to edit sheet metal parts directly, even if they’re in their bent state. Users can reposition features, resize them and dramatically change their form without having to back up through a feature tree if a design error has been made. Additionally, with ST10’s new ST Sheet Metal features, the software understands where an alteration is being made in a bent sheet metal part and can translate that to the flat pattern without any hassle.

Automatic Routing Improves Assembly Productivity

Drawing routing paths through 3D space can be a tremendous pain. Rather than having to create sketches manually between two points, ST10 users will have the option to create routing paths automatically between any key point within an assembly, part or sheet metal project. For users that have to worry about routing wiring, connecting hoses or mapping out how critical piping infrastructure should be put together, this new Automatic Routing Path feature can streamline workflows, saving tons of time.

Patterned chains are easier to control in ST10

Patterning can be an essential tool for punching holes into an object, repeating features among other things. One other area where patterning can be helpful is in the modeling of chains. In ST10, Siemens has introduced the ability to pattern along a curve with the addition of a “skip count.” Adding even more value to this new feature is the addition of the ability to define chord length type. With these two features combined, creating and animating chains becomes much easier and makes it possible to avoid manually suppressing errant chain instances. Of course, this improves your productivity and makes your model lighter weight and more true to its real-life form.

Data Management Documents Everything

Dealing with complex assemblies can be mind-numbing. Revisions for parts pop up all of the time, and keeping track of them for a few components, let alone an entire assembly worth of parts, can be impossible. In ST10, built-in data management tools have been added to help manage the maze of revisions that your designs are sure to confront. In the new Revisions dialogue box, users can gain quick access to the entire revision history of a part. From this dialogue, users can not only view the entire revision history of a part, but also comment on any revision in the revision tree and query whether any newer versions of a part are available.

Adding further value to ST10’s data management tools, a Design Manager feature has been added to the software to make detecting and replacing duplicate files simple. After launching the Design Manager tool, ST10 gives users an interactive environment in which they can see if parts in an assembly have geometric matches that are otherwise named and replace them with the preferred part. Users can also see if a part has a drawing, making it easier to determine the value of one component over another.

The Surface Pro, a new way to do design work without sacrificing performance.

Since the release of Solid Edge ST9, Siemens’ team has been quick to point out that their software has been specifically tuned to work seamlessly with Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet. In its initial Surface-integrated release, ST9 took advantage of the machine’s multi-touch capacities and its pen tool. All in all, the ST9 release proved that full-blown CAD could be run on a tablet without having to compromise any features.
ST10 takes this vision a few steps further, expanding on the use of the pen tool by adding the opportunity to use the stylus as a concept sketching tool. Leveraging Microsoft’s Inking Technology, the pen can be used in conjunction with Catchbook to create bold concept sketches that can then be imported into ST10 and used as the basis for cuts, extrusions, surfaces and more.

Obviously, this sneak peek of Siemens’ ST10 is far from exhaustive. Users should expect an enormous, wide-ranging update from Siemens when the software is released in full next spring.



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