Tabella Comparativa Licenze Solid Edge

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Tabella comparativa principali pacchetti Solid Edge

Caratteristiche di Solid Edge D&D Fondation Classic Premium
Cloud enabled
2D drafting
2D data re-use
3D data re-use
3D part design Basic
3D assembly design Basic
Automated 2D drawings
Synchronous technology (intelligent direct modeling)
Design automation
Sheet metal design  
Frame and weldment design  
Surface modeling  
Plastic part design  
Jig and fixture design  
Conceptual assembly layout
Cam design    
Gear design    
Pulley and shaft design    
Spring design    
Beam and column design    
Electrical routing design    
Piping and tubing design
Standard parts library
Standard parts library extension - machinery    
Reverse engineering (3D scanning)    
Generative design    
Visualization - animation
Visualization - photorealistic rendering    
IFC import and export for BIM
Mesh data import and re-use (Convergent ModelingT technology)
SolidWorks data migration  
Inventor data migration  
Pro/Engineer / Creo data migration  
Motion simulation Basic
Stress simulation     Basic
Vibration simulation     Basic
Buckling simulation      
Thermal simulation      
Additive manufacturing (3D Printing) preparation
Additive manufacturing (3D Printing) service
Built-in data management
Free collaboration tools (e.g. viewing and comments)
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